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Final - Taking a Position - Mader 1-1Zoe Mader English...

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Mader 1 -1Zoe Mader English Composition II Miss Johnson 3 December 2010 The Benefits of School Uniforms A small boy plays on the playground alone. The other kids run all around him, climbing, swinging, and giggling with each other. No one wants to play with him, none of the other kids even want to make friends with him. This boy’s family does not have money for more then one pair of jeans, and the other kids refuse to play with someone who wears the same pair of dirty clothes two days in a row. Years later, in high school, the problem becomes even worse. Students do not just ignore this boy like in grade school, now he has become the butt of all their jokes, sometimes they even disrupt class just to poke fun. He never had a chance to make friends with the ‘cool kids,” simply because of the clothes he wears. Now the pressure to have money, and wear the right clothes just to fit in, has become too much. Before school is out his junior year, the small little boy who played alone on the playground writes a note and says goodbye. The next morning, headlines in the local paper read “Male high school student commits suicide, blaming it on peers.” There are many ways that this loss could have prevented, starting with school uniforms. Making uniforms a required part of the learning institution would benefit both students and teachers. Uniforms level the playing field for children. The media continues to influence kids to think that in order to be “cool,” or “popular,” they must wear a certain brand of clothing or even wear their clothes a specific way. These clothes can cost an large quantity of cash, singling out those who do not have money and cannot afford to buy “cool,” clothes. In an interview with
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Mader 2 former Bishop Carol High School student Kelcie Johenek, she discussed the pros to wearing a school uniform like she did all through high school. “It (wearing uniforms) really took the pressure off to wear an expensive brand of clothing. My favorite way to spice up my uniform was to wear crazy socks, and I almost always got them at Walmart,“ Johenek said. With uniforms, no one knows who has or does not have money. Everyone is required to wear the same clothes, eliminating the chance of any particular student feeling financially inferior to another. Especially if uniforms serve as a mandatory part of school from a young age, starting in middle
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Final - Taking a Position - Mader 1-1Zoe Mader English...

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