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Appendix D Police Relationships to Communities and Populations Q: Why is there a need for proper relationships between the police and the community? What are the advantages and disadvantages of this understanding? A: The advantages are that the community is safe when they stick together in giving information about any type of crime witnessed to a police officer, to keep their community safe. The disadvantages are if the community does not get along with the policing officer they will withhold information and make things complicated for the community, and let crimes keep happening and nothing will be done because they’re not corporating with the community police. The police benefit from not only knowing the criminals on a first name basis but the honest members of the community; they can give info to better their lives, allow the police to fight a certain type of problem, and soon instill trust that police help the good, not only show up when bad happens. Q: Identify at least two different communities outlined in Ch. 9 and describe the
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