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Appendix E - Appendix E Crime Prevention Programs Q Why...

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Appendix E Crime Prevention Programs Q: Why must the police implement community-based programs designed for crime prevention? What do these programs provide for the community? A: The police should carry out programs based within the community because it is cheaper, safer, and better for the community to try and prevent crime than to fight the crime. Some of these programs give teens a safe place to go to when they have nothing to do. This gives teens away to stay busy and off the streets, in the end preventing crime. Some of the programs are for adult to like AA, NA, or even programs about domestic abuse prevention. Domestic abuse prevention programs helps teach women and men the warning signs and also helps them control their overwalming temper. Q: What are some of the challenges associated with the implementation of these programs? A:It can be challenging for police to explore, help and work with very different populations, like the aging or the very young, homeless, people who have been victims of crime, or the disabled.
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