Police Stress~~test

Police Stress~~test - Police Stress CJS/210 Police have...

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Police Stress CJS/210 Police have stress in many areas of their lives and career some of these stress are extemal stress, organizational stress, personal stress, and operational stress. Sheena N. Long 5/5/2011
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Officers are affected by external stress and their job performance can suffer if they are worn-out or over-tired. Because officers know to expect the worst, innocent people might get drawn into a bad situation. Post-traumatic stress disorder is a common problem with having to work around constant stressful situations. A police officer can find their personal life hurt because their jobs lead them to become detached emotionally. Police officer's suffer a great deal from unhappy relationships, divorce, or stress-related health problems. Organizational stress can lead to problems like police corruption or excessive aggression. This might increase the number of complaints about an organization, and police officers might resent the long, thankless hours that they have to work. Officers are personally hurt by organizational stress because they are often
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Police Stress~~test - Police Stress CJS/210 Police have...

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