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The task and responsibilities of a sheriff department are divided between its employees. Different personnel are assigned different task.Work assignments are made so that every personnel member knows what they are suppose to do and what they must accomplish that day/week. Officers are assigned places to work and times to be on-duty so that every area is always covered by someone at any given time. The chain of command makes sure that each person knows what they have to do and who they must report to. The supervisors know who they are responsible for and the limits of their responsiblities. The operational units of the sheriff department keeps order, protects the law, and gives
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Unformatted text preview: citizens the service they need.A sheriff department needs to be organize and in order to be effective. The sheriff/officers are assigned to zones, or a "beat", that they patrol to keep order, protect the law, give citizens the service they need and to catch criminals.These beats need to have officers present twenty-four hours a day seven days a week, so the patrolmen are broken up into shifts to cover their zones.Their jobs is to complete this task, it is the reason that they are hired and paid a officers. For them to be able to keep the communities that they patrol safe, the entire department and each officer needs to be organized....
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