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Gene Regulation: Cancer The Gene Regulation systems Types of Genes Associated with Cancer Mutated genes that regulate cell growth and division Tumor viruses Epstein-barr = Burkitt’s lymphoma, HPV (papillomaviruses) = cervical, HTLV1 – adult leukemia Oncogenes are genes causing cancer Proto-oncogenes – normal cellular gene that are responsible for normal cell growth and division Genes and Uncontrolled Cell Growth
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Unformatted text preview: Tumor-suppressor genes help prevent uncontrolled cell growth Tumor-suppressor Proteins: Repair of damaged DNA, control cell adhesion and inhibit the cell cycle in the signaling pathway Ras proto-oncogen p53 tumor-suppressor gene Multistep Model 1 active oncogene mutation in several tumor-suppressor genes Malignant cancerous, metastasis cancer cells move to a new location...
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