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Allan Laca CE 135 Section 2 Constricted Flow Discussion Questions 1. Comparison Graph's R 2 Calc. R 2 Constrained Unconstrained Nozzle 0.9997 0.9651 1 Orifice 0.9985 0.9862 0.9955 Venturi 0.9298 0.9515 0.9219 % error -0.03 -3.49 0.3013561 -0.934203918 0.85692591 3.210760386 According to the above table, the unconstrained values have a slightly higher % difference than the constrained values. This proves that the constrained curve best fits the data. This means that the equation for actual flow is more precise when the power of
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Unformatted text preview: “N” is constrained to the value of ½. 2. Values that I obtained for K are significantly small compared to the values found on figure 13.13. I suspect that the value I used for kinematic viscosity is wrong. Viscosity for water at 72 degrees Fahrenheit could not be determined with the information given during class....
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