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5-1 - horizontal = 1.34N upward F vertical = 14.81N to the...

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CSUS ENGR132 ZHOU HOMEWORK #5-1 1. A water jet of diameter 30 mm and speed v = 20m/s is filling a tank. The tank has a mass of 20 kg and contains 20 liters of water at the instant shown. The water temperature is 15°C. Find the force acting on the bottom of the tank and the force acting on the stop block. Neglect friction. (Answer: 149N upward; 54.3N to the right) 2. A jet of water (60°F) is discharging at a constant rate of 2.0cfs from the upper tank. If the jet diameter at section 1 is 4 in., what forces will be measured by scales A and B? Assume the empty tank weighs 300 lbf and the cross sectional area of the tank is 4 ft² , h = 1 ft and H = 9 ft. (Answer: F A =643.0lbf; F B =88.9lbf) 3. Water strikes a block as shown and is deflected 30°. The flow rate of the water is 1 kg/s and the inlet velocity is V = 10 m/s. the mass of the block is 1 kg. Neglect the weight of the water. Determine the force on the block. (Answer: F
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Unformatted text preview: horizontal = 1.34N upward, F vertical = 14.81N to the left) CSUS ENGR132 ZHOU ft) 4. A horizontal water jet at 70F issues from a circular orifice in a large tank. The jet strikes a vertical plate that is normal to the axis of the jet. A force of 500lbf is needed to hold the plate in place against the action of the jet. If the pressure in the tank is 25 psig at point A, what is the diameter of the jet just downstream of the orifice? (Answer: 0.30 5. A cone that is held stable by a wire is free to move in the vertical direction and has a jet of water striking it from below. The cone weighs 30N. The initial speed of the jet as it comes from the orifice is 15m/s, and the initial jet diameter is 2 cm. Find the height to which the cone will rise and remain stationary. NOTE: the wire is only for stability and should not enter into your calculations. (Answer: 3.21m)...
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5-1 - horizontal = 1.34N upward F vertical = 14.81N to the...

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