Polisci assignment ch. 20

Polisci assignment ch. 20 - The Texas Constitution has...

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Unformatted text preview: The Texas Constitution has undergone drastic changes for 6 times in about a 50 year span. These changes to the Texas Constituion is mainly because of the everchanging face of the government of Texas, from the Mexican owned government to the Republic of Texas, and all the way up until after reconstruction. The Texas Constituion underwent 6 constitiuonaly changes and each was designed to be ruled and governed by the people. The Texas government according to the book in some ways in some ways the Texas Constituion does a better job of protecting liberty and providing for equality than does the U.S. constitution, (We the People, 776). This is because the government of the Texas has always vested its power as much as possible with the people. Texas has always tried to have a decentralized executive branch and a legislative branch that is very responsive to the local and county governments so that many laws can be passed to help support all areas of the state in any situation rather it be relief from a hurricane to investing in drilling in the west and east parts of Texas....
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Polisci assignment ch. 20 - The Texas Constitution has...

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