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1. What are the advantages of having a unicameral legislature? A few advantages to a unicamerial legislature are first off the passage of bills at a more rapid pace, due to the fact that it has to go through only one body of congress and not 2 separate ones. Also due to the fact that there is only one body, the people can directly blame that one body for bad legislation or none at all and can promote more responsibility to some extent. It is economically cheaper to maintain and run only 1 body of congress instead of 2 thus the millions of dollars we spend running the senate would not be needed and therefore used for other measures. 2. Which type of legislature (bicameral or unicameral) would make it more difficult to pass laws? What are the advantages of  such a system? Bicameral legislator would be more difficult to pass legislation due to the fact it can pass through the house or representatives but fail at the senate, or vice versa. However the advantage to having these 2 bodies is what the founding fathers pointed out that if it was to
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Political Science assignmen 2 -...

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