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Summary and - Griffin Amy A Jacksons The Lottery Explicator 58.1(1999 44-46 This article starts off by describing how civilizations have always

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Griffin, Amy A. “Jackson’s ‘The Lottery’.” Explicator 58.1 (1999): 44-46. This article starts off by describing how civilizations have always hoped and worked for a good harvest season. It describes how this “hope” that the harvesters have turns into rituals that lead to such violent atrocities such as “the Lottery.” Griffin interprets the reason for the ritual as “Life brings death, and death recycles life.” She believes that the ritual has lost its purpose and has become a focus of violence and lust for human blood as she states, “…humanity’s inclination toward violence overshadows society’s need for civilized traditions.” The article also includes Mrs. Delacroix and her significance of once being a fellow friend to Mrs. Hutchinson in the community; but she eventually “betrays that relationship, satiating the mob mentality.” This article will be of significant use to my essay, as I can tie in the meaning of how tradition can corrupt the human mind to violence, while emphasizing how the villagers lack compassion to end
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