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1 CSC 30155 Tutorial Assignment for Week 4 Dr. Daniel Hughes [email protected] In Week Three you will be the Teachers! c You will work in two groups of 5 people. c You should download and study the two proof videos that we saw. c Each group will prepare a 20 minute presentation. c Group 1 will prepare a lecture on the Dijkstra proof. c Group 2 will prepare a lecture on the Bellman-Ford proof.
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2 What I am Looking for (1/2) c Every member of your group should speak in the presentation. c Your explanation of the proof should contain a
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Unformatted text preview: graphical example that demonstrates the principles of each proof. c Try and explain the proof in ways that you would find interesting if you were sitting in class. What I am looking for (2/2) c I am not looking for a word-for-word reproduction. c I would like to see that you have understood the material and re-worked it. c It is important that you really understand this material as it may appear on an exam . c You should email me your group names no later than Monday 27 th September ....
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05_ProgrammingParadigmsTutorial - graphical example that...

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