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10Assignment3 - Teacher for one Lecture c Rules for this...

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1 CSC 30155 Tutorial Assignment 3 Dr. Daniel Hughes [email protected] On the Importance of Independent Research… circle6 Independent algorithms research is very important for this course: circle6 You are studying a small number of algorithms in depth. circle6 When addressing real world problems, you will need to find and understand appropriate algorithms. circle6 This is a skill you will practice in assignment 3. Assignment 3: You will be Teacher Again circle6 The best way to learn something is to teach it! circle6 This time you will all present together on the Rabin- Karp algorithm. circle6 So in this week’s tutorial session you will present a 50 minute lecture on the Rabin-Karp algorithm . That’s about 5 minutes each. circle6 You will be examined on this algorithm! Assignment 3: You will be
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Unformatted text preview: Teacher for one Lecture c Rules for this Assignment: c *Everyone* must present something. c Use multiple media: c A Powerpoint presentation. c Manual Simulation on small instances. c Visualisation (e.g. animations, Java implementation). c You do not have much time, so you should start working on this soon, and work efficiently. Assignment 3: You will be Teacher for one Lecture c What to cover: c Origin and description of the algorithm c Type of algorithm and time-complexity c Simulation of the algorithm c Comparison with other pattern matching algorithms. c Resources: c Cormen et al., Introduction to Algorithms , MIT Press, 2001, Chapter 32: String Matching (32.2)...
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