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Religion may affect people in many different ways. List at least two effects that organized religion has had on society and provide examples from past or present world events that illustrate your examples. I think that society as a whole has struggled with religion of some sort since the beginning. It does not matter whether you believe or not, but religion has played a major role in the events of our everyday lives. One of the biggest effects that organized religion has had on society is to kind of form a set of rules of sorts that govern how we live our lives. This allows us to understand what God is asking of us, and allows us to understand our place in the world and what we have to do to reach our salvation. An example of this would be in how the Jewish people have rules governing what they can and cannot eat. For instance, take a look at pork, which according to the Jewish faith is not eaten because of how dirty and unkempt that pigs are. Eating meat from this animal is a direct reflection of that person and their religion. This is why pork is strictly
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