Ethnics Groups and Discrimination

Ethnics Groups and Discrimination - Ethnics Groups and...

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Ethnics Groups and Discrimination Andrew J. Ayers ETH/125 The ethnic group that I belong to is European American, as I am of English/ European decent. The English colonized the United States in the 16 th century. Permanent English settlement began in the Chesapeake Bay area in 1607 and in Massachusetts in 1620. The European Americans did not face any prejudice, segregation, or racism. When the Europeans came to America the Native Americans were already here and they stole their lands. It was the white people that forced bigotry, segregation, and injustice against the Indians. The dual labor market is where a majority group has access to better paying jobs, and the European Americans were part of it. They received the best jobs over the other ethnic groups, especially African Americans. In the early years not many African Americans had education or access to quality higher education, and when they did they were forced into the lower labor markets. Even if they did receive an education they would start in much lower positions than their white counterparts. Redlining is the practice of denying, or increasing the cost of services to a particular group of people. Whites strongly participated in this form of discrimination. It is especially prevalent in today’s real estate market.
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Ethnics Groups and Discrimination - Ethnics Groups and...

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