Legislation Legacy

Legislation Legacy - Running head: LEGISLATION LEGACY 1...

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Running head: LEGISLATION LEGACY 1 Legislation Legacy Andrew J. Ayers ETH/125 April 15, 2011 Teresa Edge
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LEGISLATION LEGACY 2 Legislation Legacy One of the current issues with Seneca Nation of Indians and the Federal government is the sales and shipping of nontaxed cigarettes via the internet. This has been an ongoing issue the last 10 years. Not only does this issue involve the Federal government nut also the state government. When the Seneca Nation first started selling nontaxed cigarettes on the internet and through mail order, they opened “smoke shops” and started to employ not only Native Americans, but also Whites from on and off of the reservation. They became pretty much an overnight success. I am speaking from experience as I used to work in one and made great money. As the years progressed (the next two), the other non-Native owned businesses began complaining that the “smokes shops” were costing them sales in the tobacco end of their businesses and soon the state of New York jumped on the bandwagon stating that the Indians owed them taxes on the cigarettes that were sold. This sparked a huge controversy, with the Seneca Nation stating it was a sovereign nation (as are most Native American tribes) and that
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Legislation Legacy - Running head: LEGISLATION LEGACY 1...

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