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PSY/201 Week 1 Ass. I guess that now thinking back on it I did test a theory and it was just a couple of years ago. When I got married I knew that my wife loved me for who I was and not what I looked like. I was almost six hundred pounds, but not fat, it was muscle. I was no means fit but not a slob either. Since we got married in October 2005 my wife has been faithful. Two years ago I was diagnosed with mouth cancer and in October of 2008 the doctors removed one-quarter of the right side of my face and half of my lower jaw and teeth. I was devastated to say the least. They replaced my face with muscle and tissue from my chest and leg. I had this large mass on my face and looked nothing like I did when I married my wife. From the time that I was able to speak I had told my wife to leave me because she did not sign on
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Unformatted text preview: for this, and she told me that it was in sickness and in health. So, I decided to put this “theory” to the test. I guess that the research method that I used was Naturalistic Observation. Over the course of the last two years I have let my wife do pretty much what she wanted to do. The trouble was she did not want to do anything without me. I honestly thought that she was sickened by the way I look that she would seek comfort elsewhere, I was wrong she does love me for who I am and not what I look like. I honestly wish I knew more people like her. Never again will I doubt her. If I was given another opportunity, I think that the only thing I would have done different is trust in what she said, and concentrate the energy that I used on watching her, to getting healthier quicker....
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