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Psychotherapy Treatments - Psychotherapy Treatments Andrew...

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Psychotherapy Treatments Andrew Ayers Psy/201 Summarize the treatment theories with a minimum of 100 words each; Cognitive – This is a therapeutic approach where they try to solve problems that concern emotions, behaviors, and cognitions that are or may be dysfunctional, using a goal oriented and systematic approach. It is effective in treating problems such as mood, anxiety, personality, eating, substance abuse, and psychotic disorders. It is used in individual therapy as well as group therapy and is often adapted for use in self-help applications. This type of therapy is often a hand on approach with specific technique driven brief, time limited treatments depending on the specific psychological disorder. This therapy primarily focuses on thoughts and emotions that lead to certain behaviors. Behavioral - This is similar to cognitive therapy, and many times used in conjunction with it. Behavioral therapy deals with changing and getting rid of the unwanted behaviors that are covered in the cognitive therapy. Behavioral therapy involves identifying
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Psychotherapy Treatments - Psychotherapy Treatments Andrew...

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