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Dear community - something being in the air ground or water...

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Dear community, I want to shear my information I have found about the town. Why we have been getting sick and can’t figure that out. Well have been doing some digging into some research and found out that, we have been getting sick from the practices off the gas company. They have been doing experments in new lines and seeing what would work and what would not while they have been doing that it has leaked into our water system. We never knew it until we slowly starting getting sick and we never thought about
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Unformatted text preview: something being in the air, ground, or water. We just thought that we was getting sick from everyday things. But when I kept seeing more and more people getting sick and we could not figure out why I wanted to do some investigating. So while I was doing my research I looked into the new projects around our town. To see what started about when our people started to get sick....
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