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FINANCIAL REPORTING PROBLEM - is decreased by $4,209,000 f...

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FINANCIAL REPORTING PROBLEM PROTOR & GAMBLE COMPANY AMBER WOLRIDGE a. The par value of P&G preferred stock is listed as $1.00 per share. b. The par/stated value of P&G common stock is listed as $1.00 per share. c. P&G authorized common stock was issued at approximately 40% on June 30, 2007. d. There were 3,131.9 million shares outstanding on June 30, 2007 and 3,178.8 million shares of common stock outstanding on June 30, 2006. e. The cash dividends on P&G stockholders equity
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Unformatted text preview: is decreased by $4,209,000. f. The rate of return on P&G common stock equity for the following years: 2007- 16.1% =$10340-161=10179/(126811/2)=16.05=16.1% 2006- 21.8% = $8684-148=8536/(78449/2)=0.2176=21.8% g. Payout Ratio 2007= 39.8%= 4048/10179 2006= 41.6%= 3555/8536 h. The market price range of P&G’s common stock during the quarter ending June 30,2007 were $64.75 (high) and $60.76 (low)....
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