tut 5 - Tutorial 5 (Chapter 6) Question 1 (to be handed in)...

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Tutorial 5 (Chapter 6) Question 1 (to be handed in ) This case is a story of an annual computer vendor's convention. Carefully draw from the story incidents that should lead Megan or Matt to be better informed as they participate in the convention activities . From this story identify 10 areas where information signaling took place . Identify those that Matt capitalized on and those that he missed. Explain your 10 answers carefully. Matt woke up eager to start his big convention trip. After breakfast he waited for his limo to take him to the airport. He had some apprehension that the newly started, heavily advertised limo service he chose would not be there on time. The fact that the service charged less than the other limo services made him curious also, but he stopped worrying when the limo pulled up in time. At the airport a well-dressed porter with a trolley and two teenagers in jeans came up offering to help him with his luggage. The teenagers were willing to do the job for half the money, but Matt gave his things to the porter. The plane was overbooked, so all those with essential business were asked to take their seats first. In the plane Matt sat near 5 people going to conventions, 2 people going to weddings, a preacher heading to a funeral, 4 salespeople making client calls, and a college debate team. During the flight the left engine caught on fire, creating some tense moments
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tut 5 - Tutorial 5 (Chapter 6) Question 1 (to be handed in)...

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