2006-spring-final-C - CS 1322 Final Exam C May 3 2006...

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CS 1322 Final Exam - C May 3, 2006 Name: (Print very clearly.) GT Number (Print very clearly; prism email one, not an alias): TA and Section (T, W, R and time): Commenting your code on this test is not required. Other style issues such as using good variables names and indentation are required. Problem Points Possible Points Received Graded By 1 Matching 15 2 2-D arrays, iteration, conditionals 10 3 Linked List 10 4 BST coding 10 5 BST concepts 15 6 Hash Table concepts 10 7 Class with constructor chaining 15 8 True/False 10 9 Binary Search 5 TOTAL 100 CELL PHONES, PAGERS, PDAS, etc. ARE NOT ALLOWED IN ANY WAY DURING THE EXAM - NOT EVEN TO PROVIDE THE TIME. TURN THEM OFF AND PUT THEM AWAY. IF YOUR PHONE RINGS, YOU WILL LOSE CREDIT ON THIS EXAM. Please remember: Any academic misconduct (including, but not limited to, the list below) could result in a 0 (zero) on the exam and/or an F grade in the course or worse. It can also go on your permanent record at GT.: Communication with anyone other than a proctor for ANY reason in ANY language in any manner. Sharing of ANYTHING (e.g. pencils, paper, erasers). Writing on paper that is not given to you by a proctor. Failure to follow directions given by the proctor. Use of cell phones, beepers, handheld computers, calculators, during the exam. Using books or other reference material. Disruption of the exam setting. By taking this exam, you signify that it is your work and that you have neither given nor received inappropriate help during the taking of this exam in compliance with the Academic Honor Code of Georgia Tech. Signature: (you must sign this for your exam to be graded!)
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CS 1322 Final Exam - C May 3, 2006 1. Matching. [15 pts] Place the number of the term that best fits the question subparts. Choices can be used once, more than once, or not at all. 1. O(1)
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2006-spring-final-C - CS 1322 Final Exam C May 3 2006...

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