11_lec - the luxury to move like animals. Plants also have...

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Microtubules: “railroad tracks” inside the cell; highly organized; negative to positive end; allow motility of either parts of the cell or movement of the whole cell (sperm cells) -Dynein -Kinesin: Motor proteins move along microtubules Flagella allow sperm cells to move Cilia are small hairlike structures; can function to move or move fluid around it Structured in “9+2 arrangement”. Hollow tube with nine surrounding microtubules and two in the middle Extracellular Structures -multicellular animals have an extracellular matrix (Anchors cells in place)composed of fibrous proteins, such as collagen, and glycoprotein’s. -Plant cell wall on their membrane. Not seen in animal cells. Main function is to resist change in structure like in harsh conditions. Plants do not have
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Unformatted text preview: the luxury to move like animals. Plants also have chloroplasts and vacuoles (stores water to allow to change its size of cytoplasm; stores chemicals; structural support; reproduction; digestive enzymes needed for breakdown of specific molecules; poisonous molecules as way of defense) Prokaryotic Cells (simple cells)-has genetic material similar to eukaryotes-do not contain nucleus-has ribosomes, proteins, nucleoid-ex: bacteria-some bacteria have similar function to plant cells; they can perform photosynthesis (ability to convert sun energy into usable energy inside the cell) Flagella-made of microtubules that allow whole organism to be mobile Pili-to transfer genetic material...
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11_lec - the luxury to move like animals. Plants also have...

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