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Life Stages of a Group

Life Stages of a Group - Life Stages of a Group Life Stages...

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Unformatted text preview: Life Stages of a Group Life Stages of a Group • Forming • Storming • Norming • Performing • (Adjourning) Forming Forming • Members try to figure out how the group is going to be. • Deciding whether they will join & how they might participate. • Seeking common ground • Checking expectations • Dealing with ambiguity & uncertainty Storming Storming • Members seek to exert their own power in the group • Conflict arises re: difference in style, leadership, group values, etc. • Can be unpleasant, but indicates that members “care” and are invested in the group Norming Norming • Members find their “place” with the group • Members “identify” with the group; tendency to keep positive feedback going • When conflict occurs, it is checked in order to preserve cohesion; working positively together “for the good of the group.” Performing Performing • Recognition of individuality and demand for authenticity • Each member makes contributions & receives benefits • Acknowledgement and accommodation of members’ unique strengths and limitations • Members place the group in a larger context (people have lives & concerns outside of the group) Adjourning Adjourning • Members prepare to exit and “let go” of the group • Actions of termination and closure (ex: looking back and reviewing the life of the group; tying up loose ends; making here now – there then connections etc.) • Celebrating/mourning the end of the affiliation That’s all folks! ...
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