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Quiz8_answers - (a 2 nd(b 3 rd(c 5 th(d 6 th(e none of the...

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Quiz 8 Answers 1. Which angel pours its bowl on the throne of the beast?(a) 2 nd ; (b) 4 th (c) 5 th ; (d) 8 th ;         (e) none  of the above. 2. Literary characteristics of apocalypses include   (a) pseudonymity; (b) a prophetic outlook;  (c) a  motivational function;  (d) a and c ; (e) b and c.  3. The plea of the martyrs occurs after the sounding of which trumpet
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Unformatted text preview: ? (a) 2 nd ; (b) 3 rd ; (c) 5 th ; (d) 6 th ; (e) none of the above . 4. I mentioned two terms on Wednesday that I said are vital to understanding both the rebukes against the seven churches and the book of Revelation as a whole. What were these terms? Obedience and commitment/faith/faithfulness...
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