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Quiz 1 1. True /False. In Hebrew, the word “Adam” can mean either “human being” or refer to a specific individual named “Adam.” 2.The principle of interconnectedness and intention is known as (a) story; (b) plot ; (c) motif; (d) none of the above. 3.True/ False . It is absolutely clear from the Wife-Sister story in Genesis 12:10-20 that
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Unformatted text preview: Pharaoh has no kind of sexual contact with Sarai. 4.When asked by King Ahasuerus what her request is (Esther 7:2), Queen Esther said that she would like (a) half of the kingdom; (b) a new crown; (c) her life ; (d) more wine. 5.The only dynamic character in Esther is (a) Esther ; (b) Vashti; (c) Mordecai; (d) Haman....
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