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Quiz 4            Answers +1 for all quizzes    1.   True /False  According to lecture , the Deuteronomistic History begins with the book of  Joshua.  2.  A “Judge” is someone who is (a) always male;  (b) primarily to deliver a subgroup of the  tribes against a designated opponent;  (c) the holder of a permanent office designed by God; (d)  all of the above; (e) none of the above.  3.  True/ False  The insistence on a single sacrificial location becomes the basis for centralizing 
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Unformatted text preview: priestly ritual in the temple in Jerusalem, and one should clearly note that Jerusalem is explicitly mentioned by the Deuteronomist. 4. According to lecture, the “Deuteronomistic Pattern” is most clearly displayed in (a) Exodus 19; (b) Joshua 1; (c) Judges 19; (d) Joshua 24; (e) Judges 2 ....
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