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0120 - Introductory survey Totally anonymous JOURNALISM 405...

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0120 PowerPoint 1 JOURNALISM 405 History of American Journalism January 20, 2011 Introductory survey Totally anonymous DO NOT fill in your name, Network ID or student number. Non-numbered questions require you to write in an answer. Syllabus Available on Compass Syllabus updates will be posted on Compass instead of being handed out. The date is in lower right corner. • REMEMBER: Compass system maintenance is scheduled from 5 a.m. to 9 a.m. Wednesdays. The earliest ‘news’ Passed on through oral culture. – Stories passed on – Town criers
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0120 PowerPoint 2 The printed word before the printing press Relied on scribes to individually write out every book. – Painstaking, time-consuming work – Prone to mistakes – Almost always monks – Almost exclusively controlled by the church The printed word for a privileged few This left the printed word in the hands of a very privileged elite.
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