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0301 PowerPoint 1 JOURNALISM 405 History of American Journalism March 1, 2011 Reviewing the test You must return test at the end of class, so take notes on separate sheet of paper Look for patterns where you didn’t receive full credit on various answers I will show slides from PowerPoints that helped answer a question. Date and page are on the bottom. These slides will not be posted on Compass, however. Short essay questions Everyone got full credit for the two short answer questions. Although points on that page may not add up to 10 points, the full credit is figured into your final grade on the last page. Extra credit quiz There will be an extra credit quiz with five multiple choice and true/false questions worth 2 points each (20 minute exam) They will be on subjects we discuss today when going over the test; take notes It will be available on Compass from 11 a.m. today until 9 a.m. Thursday
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