0419 - Second test I havent looked at them yet JOURNALISM...

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0419 PowerPoint 1 JOURNALISM 405 History of American Journalism April 19, 2011 Second test • I haven’t looked at them yet • No grades will be posted on Compass until we go over the tests in class • I will send an email letting you know when I will be returning the exams A new kind of war • U.S. involvement in Vietnam slowly built up over decades • It was the first televised war in a time where a majority of U.S. citizens started getting their news from TV than from newspapers Vietnam War media conflicts • There were four areas of conflict involving the press during the Vietnam War – Between the media and the military – Within media institutions – Between the media and the public – Between the media and the government
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0419 PowerPoint 2 Interference, not censorship • There was no direct censorship in Vietnam, but military leaders did interfere with war reporting – They would place embargoes on information such as casualty reports – They would place restrictions on reporter’s access to the front lines of the war Military, media conflicts • Reporters in Vietnam became increasingly skeptical of the military’s accounts of the war and its progress • Daily Saigon press briefings were called the “Five O’Clock Follies” because of the misinformation given to justify the war Media divisions • Especially early in the war, there were deep divisions between reporters in Vietnam and established national reporters in Washington, D.C. • Reporters in Vietnam were much more
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0419 - Second test I havent looked at them yet JOURNALISM...

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