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0503 PowerPoint 1 JOURNALISM 405 History of American Journalism May 3, 2011 Can objectivity be fair? Privileges officials, bureaucracies, events, whites, males, heterosexuals Treats status quo as a neutral baseline – Avoids inequalities of race, gender, sexuality – Income, wealth gaps – Capitalism seen as natural, inevitable Centrist, silences the margins – Accommodationist vs. oppositional – ‘Tolerance,’ muckraking reaffirm the system The construction of reality To say journalists make the news is not to say they fake the news While the news isn’t “made up,” it is the result of made-up conventions and practices that are of journalists’ own making. Why keep objectivity? Some see objective journalism as Winston Churchill saw democracy and government: It’s the worst form except for all others
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0503 PowerPoint 2 How we shape history 1) News organizations that have influenced important events haven’t been afraid to set the agenda Those journalists we celebrate tend to be the ones who do what we routinely avoid 2) For many of the journalists and their news organizations, standing tall meant standing alone
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