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Recommendations: Bruce MacNaughton should not expand his Prince Edward Island Preserve Company to the Tokyo market and should delay his expansion to the Toronto market. MacNaughton should focus his efforts on strengthening their current strategy within the domestic market in P.E.I. based on differentiating their products as quality products. Issues with P.E.I Preserve Company: Expansion into Tokyo will require management practices to undertake an international scope, which currently is not structured to perform. Furthermore, lack of knowledge of the international markets provide further barriers for the successful implementation of this business strategy. The nature of the business is one that revolves around seasonal production. For this reason, if market demand was to increase, the supply may not be available to meet these needs. Thus, this ambiguity with regards to their seasonal nature of production further limits the viability into expanding into Tokyo or Toronto. P.E.I. preserves is experiencing severe cash flow shortages due to the seasonal nature of
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AKADMS_4900_-_P_E_I__Reserve - Recommendations Bruce...

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