final - Kelly Vos Exam #2 Acct 831 Over the semester, I...

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Kelly Vos Exam #2 Acct 831 Over the semester, I have learned some new items that will help me analyze a business better. One of the things I learned was that a business needs to have a mission. A mission statement is very important because it gives the employees and customers a reason on why the business is even alive. It helps the employees to strive to meet the goals in place to accomplish the mission statement. A company that does not have a mission statement does not have goals. If a company has more than one department the business needs to ensure that they have an overall goal so the departments can strive together to achieve this goal. The departments can each have their own mission but they need to all work together to achieve the main goal otherwise there is no way to measure the company if they are achieving their goals and then the company starts to pay the blame game. Each department needs to be responsible for their own goals and achieving the overall goal and if they are not performing at the level that upper management wants it should be fairly easy to see which department is not performing and where the problem lies within that department. Accountability should be a huge part of a company. Employees, managers, and upper management should all be accountable for the company as a whole. Working
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This note was uploaded on 05/23/2011 for the course ACCT 831 taught by Professor Gayden during the Spring '11 term at Governors State University.

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final - Kelly Vos Exam #2 Acct 831 Over the semester, I...

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