midterm - Kelly Vos ACCT 831 Midterm If I were managing the...

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Kelly Vos ACCT 831 Midterm If I were managing the golf course, I would implement some strategies to help raise the revenue to make the competition. The first thing I would do is to research and check out my competition. I would compare what I am doing to what they are doing. Once I have done my market research I would asset what needs to be done to match and exceed what the competition provides. Services that we will add are our banquet service, promoting golf outing, golf lessons, and actually advertising the golf course. We have decided that we will charge members a membership fee to use the golf course. The membership will help with the maintenance of the course. The membership fees will range from gold to platinum. Memberships will include 10 guest passes per year so golfers can bring in outside guests. In addition, if a member books an event in the banquet hall they will receive a discount. Next, I will need to expand the advertising budget. Now our golf course really does not advertise. Advertising is a great way to generate revenue. I will make sure to hire some people to help implement more advertising. Their jobs will be to run specials in the local papers, make a website, and send out mailers to members. The local newspapers can help run daily specials on off days to help generate revenue. Once the advertising team has come up with ideas we will take a vote on the ones that the personnel thinks will help the business and encourage other co-workers to submit their own ideas. Next,
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midterm - Kelly Vos ACCT 831 Midterm If I were managing the...

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