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Purchasing Planning Purchasing Planning may include steps as follows: creating purchasing projects and tasks  providing related information (files, links, notes etc.)  assigning purchasing tasks to employees  setting task priorities, start/finish dates etc.  assigning supervisors  setting reminders  Purchasing Tracking Purchasing Tracking consists of: checking task's status and/or history of changes  receiving status notifications  sorting, grouping or filtering tasks by current status  highlighting overdue tasks,,,  Purchasing Reporting Purchasing Reporting includes: comparing actual and estimated values  calculating purchasing task and project statistics  sorting, grouping or filtering tasks by attributes  creating charts to visualize key statistics and KPIs  Requisitioning is one of the most important stages in Purchasing Management Process because the more detailed and clearly formulated requisition form is, the more chances that the purchase will meet customer's requirements. If a proper requisition form is not built and debugged, company can face lots of unexpected problems which lead to extra costs and procrastination. First of all, if a required product or service is not clearly described and itemized, it will be difficult for Purchasing Department to select appropriate supplier and provide the company with right purchase. The product may not suit the customer by one of the parameter that was disregarded, so the time and, very often, money will be spent in vain. Only a clear form that includes all possible details in product or service description can help purchasing officers avoid this situation Second, if there is no standardization in product or service descriptions, it’s very easy to get confused with different names of one product/service. Several departments or office workers may order the same product under a different title. The result of such non-coordination is misunderstanding, muddle, stress and lost of consolidated orders and volume discounts. That's why all the requests should be organized into one system with standard requisition forms and unified product lists.
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Third, if the purchasing officer is not notified of new or canceled request in time, the required product or service may not be ordered and delivered. Vice versa when the requisition form is suddenly canceled, the ignorance of purchasing officer may cause essential material loss. So the purchase management system should allow requisition tracking in real time mode and synchronize all the changes and corrections in requisition forms.
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Purchasing Planning - PurchasingPlanning...

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