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bio101samplefinal[1] - BIOLOGY 101 Final Exam Sample NOTE...

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Page 1 bio101samplefinal BIOLOGY 101 Final Exam - Sample NOTE: Please do not write on the question sheets. Write your name and section number (Ex. BIO 101 01L) on the answer form. Use #2 pencils only. There is only one answer per question. Read the questions carefully. Good luck! 1. The theory of spontaneous generation of life was proposed by: a. Oparin b. Aristotle c. Darwin d. Miller 2. According to Oparin’s hypothesis which of these gases was not in the primitive atmosphere: 3. Miller’s laboratory experiments showed that: 4. The protocell (first formed cell) 5. The first formed organisms were: aquatic, aerobic prokaryotic fermentors: a. True b. False 6. Prokaryotic cells have defined nuclei.
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