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Cell Division1 - Lecture objectives Multi-cellularity A...

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1 Lecture objectives 1. To understand how cell division happens (rules, signals for cell growth) 2. To understand how genes (DNA) is packaged and divided during cell division 3. To understand the events of mitosis 4. To understand how mitosis is controlled 5. To understand the consequence of uncontrolled cell division (cancer) Experiments with living cells suggest cells follow “rules” for growth in a multicellular organism 1. Cells are anchorage dependent cells grow on surfaces made by other cells 2. Cells are growth factor dependent cells grow only when signalled by other cells 3. Cells exhibit density-dependent growth inhibition Cells grow when sparse Cells stop growing when dense Multi-cellularity A “Social Contract” of Cells How do cells know they are: contacting a substrate? being signalled by other cells? in close contact with other cells? Answer: Signal transduction - a mechanism that converts a mechanical or chemical stimulus to a cell into a specific cellular response On On Off On On Off On On On On Genes on/off Signal Transduction - cell signals sent through kinases - proteins that serves as switchex to activate or deactivate production of proteins Signal Amplification Nucleus Cytoplasm Outside
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2 Genes on/off Signal Transduction Signal Example Contact Substrate Signal Amplification
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Cell Division1 - Lecture objectives Multi-cellularity A...

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