Cogan SP11 101 Syllabus

Cogan SP11 101 Syllabus - Biology 101: An Introduction to...

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Biology 101: An Introduction to Biology Spring Quarter 2011 Instructor: Dr. John G. Cogan Course Coordinator: Adam L. Andrews Department of Biochemistry and Center for Life Sciences Education Center for Life Sciences Education 255B Jennings Hall 705 Biological Sciences Bldg 1735 Neil Avenue phone: 292-4470 phone: 247-6345 email: cogan.1@osu.du email: Assistant Course Coordinator: Jonathan Horn; email ; phone – 292-3929; office – JE 255D Head TA: Jennifer Nietz; e-mail – Class Meeting Schedule: Lecture: TR, 12:30 PM – 1:48PM, Independence Hall 100 Lab/Recitation: 3 hours per week; consult your schedule for time and place Philosophy and Teaching Style This course is designed to teach the science of biology by active participation in the process of biology. Therefore, we will strive to provide you with both current and historical examples of how major questions in biology are being/have been addressed as well as provide you opportunities to participate in the process. At the end of the course, we hope to have increased both your interest in biology as well as your ability to reason within this and other areas. Along the way, you will be exposed to and hopefully gain an understanding of some of the major concepts of biology (evolution, genetics, energetics, ecology). However, we want you to also take away from this class an understanding of how biologists have used objectivity and reasoning to address complex problems and be able to apply this to your life in and outside of the classroom. Understand that this course is designed to make you think and learn how basic, yet sometimes complex (and controversial), biological questions are answered. Using this approach, it is possible that past learning and studying techniques required in earlier biology courses, especially rote memorization, will not serve you well. Some students will find this approach easier than middle or high school; others more difficult. By providing study and understanding points along the way, we hope to ease the transition from what many regard as a traditional science class approach (memorizing terms) to an approach based on discovery and application. Class Format: Weekly lectures will be spent partially in a traditional lecture format, for which pre-posted lecture slides will be available. These lectures will also go along with reading from the course textbook or from online sources. The lectures will be focused on subjects of importance in modern biology within the four major subject disciplines (evolution, genetics, energetics, ecology). Weekly lectures will also contain portions that are less traditional in style but will generally follow up the same or related topics with video presentations, class activities, discussions of reading assignments, discussions of blogs, and discussions of current issues. Some emphasis will be placed on class participation. Following the week’s lectures, a weekly quiz will be opened up
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Cogan SP11 101 Syllabus - Biology 101: An Introduction to...

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