AnthrArc 285 Midterm Review

AnthrArc 285 Midterm Review - AnthrArc 285 Midterm Review...

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AnthrArc 285 Midterm Review I. A. Techniques to Appear as Fact 1. Personal Attacks a. Used to both prove and disprove claims b. Opponents demonize each other to make themselves appear correct 2. Appearing Scientific a. Wearing a lab coat, etc. b. Having “expert”-backed support B. How is the Evidence Presented ? 1. Context a. How is the evidence found, what was the nature in which it was found, and how is it related to its surroundings 2. Use of Analogy a. A way of rationalizing a claim to appear valid 3. Observation vs. Interpretation a. Is the evidence presented in an observational manner, or do they describe how they interpreted what they saw? 4. Correlation or Causation a. What is the underlying causal factor? b. There is a link between shoe size and vocabulary, but the causal factor is age, not the other two C. Occam’s Razor 1. The simplest answer is most likely the correct one, because they make the fewest assumptions D. Shifting the Burden of Proof 1. Forcing the audience to create an answer that would prove them wrong a. “What else could it be?” II. Evaluating Claims A. Bigfoot 1. Three types of evidence used to support Bigfoot a. Myth i. Many stories were created by indigenous peoples depicting a creature that was half man, half animal b. Sightings i. The Patterson Video of Bigfoot ii. Many people match what they hear or see with past accounts, whether or not they actually encounter it c. Physical Evidence i. Casts of footprints 2. Analysis of Patterson Video
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a. Grover Krantz’s Anthropological Study i. Observed the size, gait, and speed of Bigfoot ii. The film speed was relatively slow 3. Analysis of Physical Evidence a. Size, Shape, and Features i. Had to have been a bipedal animal ii. Some prints have an arch like humans, while others are flat from possible stomping b. Common Print Features i. There is a “ double ball ”, or two adjacent balls ii. Very large, 17 inches in length on average c. Claim of body found in 2008 i. Lots of media hype, but DNA testing proved it was merely a synthetic costume d. Shifting the Burden of Proof i. “There are so many footprints, so how can they not be from a living creature?” 4. The main problem with Bigfoot analysis is people tend to take the myths and personal accounts as historical fact a. There needs to be more searching for legitimate, physical evidence around the areas where sightings occur, as well as DNA testing on this evidence B. Cardiff Giant 1. a. In found cast of a giant in Cardiff, NY b. The cast was 10 feet tall, and 3 feet below the surface i. Assumed to be very old if 3 feet underground c. They explained its validity through a Bible verse where giants once roamed the Earth d. Analogy i. “If wood can petrify, then why not a giant?” ii. They should’ve realized what type of stone it was (e.g., not the type of stone wood petrifies as) 2. Logic of the Claim a.
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AnthrArc 285 Midterm Review - AnthrArc 285 Midterm Review...

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