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Anthro Study Guide Atlantis I. Popular Claims of Atlantis A. Straits of Gibraltar 1. Was located on a continent-sized landmass outside the Straits of Gibraltar in the Atlantic Ocean, and was destroyed in a natural cataclysm over 11,000 years ago 2. Located on Spartel Island, much smaller than above, immediately west of the Straits of Gibraltar B. Crete 1. In the Mediterranean, and was destroyed by a volcanic eruption 3,600 years ago 2. Santorini also claimed as the location of this Atlantis C. Cyprus 1. Located 97 miles off the coast of Cyprus, explorer Robert Sarmast claimed he found the architectural remains of walls, a canal, and an acropolis underneath the sea D. Other locations 1. Spain proper, South China Sea, 100 miles off the coast of Great Britain, Scandinavia, Bolivia, off the Cuban coastline, coast of Japan, Antarctica, Turkey, and North America E. Bimini Wall 1. Supposedly a submerged wall and part of a road are found off the coast of Bimini in the Bahamas a. Turns out they’re from volcanic columns of rock and are completely natural II. Information About Atlantis A. First written record by Plato around 355 BC 1. Written in dialogue form with characters that wouldn’t have been present if the dialogues actually took place a. The Critias Dialogue and the Timaeus Dialogue B. What does Plato tell us about Atlantis? 1. Space a. Occurred outside the Straits of Gibraltar 2. Time a. Events occurred 9000 years before Plato b. Egyptian Priests Greek Sage Solon (590 BC) Dropides Critias, the Elder Critias, the Younger (421 BC) Plato (355 BC) 3. Form Plato’s Description of Atlantis a. Atlantis originally settled by Poseidon and a mortal woman, Kleito, who bore five sets of twin boys that populated Atlantis b. 15-mile-wide city of concentric rings , alternating between land and water, with palaces, canals, towers, and bridges
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c. After some time, the “divine portion” of their ancestry became diluted and the human portion took over i. Civilization became decadent , depraved, and greedy d. The morally pure Athenians eventually defeat the dominating Atlantians in battle, and the Gods punish the world for their behavior through cataclysmic destruction III. Using Evidence to Support Atlantis Claims A. Ignatius Donnelly 1. Claim a. Atlantis was a real place where humans first went from barbarians to living in civilization b. Their various creations were diffused to other civilizations around the world 2. Evidence Used a. Egyptian obelisks and Mesoamerican stelae are derived from the same source i. Their method of construction is different ; they are different in shape, size, and raw materials; and the languages inscribed on them are entirely different b. The pyramids of Egypt and the pyramids of Mesoamerica can be traced back to the same source i. New World pyramids have flat tops , which usually contained temples, while Egyptian pyramids do not ii. New World pyramids have stairs ascending to the top, Egyptian pyramids don’t iii. New World pyramid construction usually spanned
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AnthrArc 285 Final Exam Review Guide - Anthro Study Guide...

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