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Influential Person Essay Bouncing down the dirt road next to the early morning fog resting on the lake’s surface, we rode in the hayride and listened to the hum of the tractor engine. Loose wooden boards on the trailer floor shifted around and the clanking of wheelchairs echoed through the immense Evergreens as they lurched back and forth. I rode crouched beside K.C.’s chair awaiting our arrival to the pool. K.C. has muscular dystrophy. His life has and always will be lived in his wheel chair, limited both physically and mentally by his disorder. Every summer he comes to Joni and Friends Family Retreat to experience life without boundaries. Aside from the fact that our physical lives are completely different, we have similarities that bridge the gap between us. Despite his disorder, K.C’s mental state is not as undeveloped as some may think. When we see one another we cannot stop talking. Our brains feed off of one another with the stories we want to share since the last summer camp we saw each other
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