Discussion Board Rubric-1

Discussion Board Rubric-1 - Life & Death Decisions...

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Grading Black Board Discussion Postings This sheet discusses what we are looking for when we grade your Discussion Board Postings. Under each grade range, is an example of Discussion Board Posting and our reasons for grading the posting in the way that we did. Please note that we are not grading on grammar or spelling (although your postings should make sense and be relatively easy to follow), nor are we grading on the opinions you express. *** DISCUSSION PROMPT: Post your thoughts on the kinds of logic used in Buck v. Bell court decision. Example of an “A” Discussion Board Posting… I think Buck v. Bell was justified for reasons similar to the Common Good Approach, although I do not agree with the reasoning for it. Even though Dr. Pretty claimed Carrie as a "moral delinquent" because of her mother and her rape, those problems were thrust upon, not a result of her own actions. Also, the nurse, who took care of the baby Vivian and described her as "peculiar," could have meant anything by that word; it is very abstract. I do not believe this justified Carrie Buck as someone who could harm society and therefore be sterilized. The fact that Pretty, Strode, and Laughlin were all friends and plotted Buck v. Bell to pass the sterilization law definitely violated the Rights Approach and the Fairness/Justice Approach of ethics. Carrie Buck was automatically seen as someone not capable as soon as her mother was
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Discussion Board Rubric-1 - Life & Death Decisions...

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