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Operation Rescue (Kansas) From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Jump to: navigation , search See also: History of Operation Rescue and Operation Save America Operation Rescue (formerly Operation Rescue West or California Operation Rescue ) is a pro-life organization which originated in California and is now based in Kansas . Operation Rescue West was founded by Operation Rescue's tactical director, Jeff White, as a branch of Randall Terry 's original Operation Rescue organization. Under Jeff White, Operation Rescue West stayed true to the original intent of the Operation Rescue organization, maintaining its focus on abortion. White stepped down in 1999 following an $880,000 judgment against his organization for harassment and intimidation of Planned Parenthood staff and handed the organization over to the leadership of Troy Newman . In 2002 , Newman moved the headquarters to Wichita, Kansas , [1][2][3] to focus its efforts on late term abortion provider, George Tiller . Contents [ hide ] 1 Activities 2 Lawsuit over use of name 3 Dr. Tiller o 3.1 Efforts against Dr. Tiller o 3.2 Response to Tiller's murder 4 See also 5 References o 5.1 Sources 6 External links Activities After the FACE (Freedom of Access to Clinic Entrances) [4][5] bill was signed into law by then-president Bill Clinton , Operation Rescue West implemented new tactics that did not involve arrest. Operation Rescue operates a fleet of what it refers to as “Truth Trucks”, large panel
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  • Spring '08
  • Operation Rescue, Anti-abortion violence, George Tiller, Dr. Tiller, History of Operation Rescue, Operation Rescue West

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case3 - Operation Rescue(Kansas From Wikipedia the free...

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