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152 7-Eleven + The Simpsons partnership = remodeled 12 stores for one month -- why? who was target? what was this IBP according to Tim Stock? teamed up for a very contemporary piece of branded entertainment, cross promotion, and buzz advertising The idea was to promote the release of the simpsons movie and, for 7-11 to attract a crop of new customer: die hard simpson fans target- die hard simpson fans, also it says in book “Duff beer was not included due to concerns of the PG rating for the movie and age of consumers- so they must be under 21 Tim Stock said “It’s pop culture commenting on pop culture commenting on itself” 153 two perspectives on consumer behavior and why? Consumer Behavior-the broad spectrum of things that of things that consumers do or experience If it has anything to do with consuming things; it’s part of consumer behavior Two perspectives first portrays consumers as reasonably systematic decision makers who seek to maximize the benefits they derive from their purchases second views consumers as active interpreters (meaning-makers) of advertising, whose membership in various cultures, societies and communities significantly affects their interpretation and response to advertising. sees ads as cultural texts that are read by culturally informed consumers, individuals that have been part of a consumer culture since birth and speak and understand the advertising and consumer language point is that no one perspective can adequately explain consumer behavior. Consumers are psychological, social, cultural, historical, and economic beings all at same time. ! 153-8 four basic decision-making stages + gist of what happens at each stage Need Recognition consumption process begins when people perceive a need Need state- arises when one’s desired state of affairs differs from one’s actually state of affairs accompanied by a mental discomfort or anxiety that motivates action severity of discomfort is wide range depending on need (out of toothpaste vs. car break down) One way advertising works is to point to and thereby activate needs that will motivate consumers to buy a product e.g different seasons ads promote certain things, like buying things to prepare for storm, or holiday Information Search and Alternative Evaluation as consumer recognizes need, it is often not obvious what would be the best way to satisfy need e.g if you have a fear of being trapped in a blizzard, a condo in sunny area may be a much better solution that a jeep or new snow tires. an extensive information search and careful evaluation of alternatives prior to purchase during process advertiser has numerous opportunities to influence final decision Need recognition simply sets in motion a process that may involve an extensive information search and careful evaluation of alternatives prior to purchase Purchase decisions has been made and sale is made. DO NOT view as culmination of decision-making process
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Chap5notes - CHAPTER 5 NOTES 152 7-Eleven + The Simpsons...

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