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Chapter20 Text notes 650-1 Crest Extreme = tough category to create buzz -- know: target and bullseye (emphasis), center piece of initiative, PR used to generate buzz, target women age 18-34 bullseye/emphasis- women 23-24 Centerpiece of initiative Crest Extreme irresistibility IQ quiz PR used- Nick Cannon and boy band reik were of the first to take quiz. also, jojo teddy geiger and lauren conrad. Ex. 20.4 -- where did posters appear? Crest extreme low-tech- high tech buzz builder ad poster restrooms of their favorite night spots 652 PR and buzz building never hotter; traditional PR impt. but now much more is involved; PR’s classic role PR traditional role os imply managing goodwill or “relations” with a firm’s many “public”, which often takes the form of “damage control” in the face of negative publicity. still impt. but much more going on in pr circles today Influencer marketing-will emphasize public relations activities as brand-building agenda, reflecting the new emphasis in PR Classic role- is to foster goodwill between a firm and its many constituent groups groups include customers, stockholders, suppliers, employees, government entities, citizen action groups, and general public PR function seeks to highlight positive events like quarterly sales and profits. new techniques in PR have fostered a bolder, more aggressive role for PR in many IBP campaigns. PR does-image building, damage control, and establishing relationships with constituents. !652-3 new era for PR : driven by sophisticated, Internet connected consumers in a brand- obsessed world where consumers spread the word about brands; how Gladwell’s “mavens” and “connectors” who share brand stories with their networks are relevant; Gladwells “ mavens” etc. are relevant bc if mavens and connectors can be located, and if you give them useful info or interesting stories about your brand, they may share it with their network, where one can spread word to thousands of one’s close personal friends *PR is about finding ways to get your brand in positive conversations of key consumers often in a dialogue people talk about brands, challenge is to give them interesting things to talk about, in a positive way. !655 six primary objectives of PR Promoting goodwill -image building function of PR industry events or community activities that reflect favorably on a firm are highlighted Promoting a product or service - Press releases, events, of brand “news” that increase public awareness of a firm’s brands through PR Merck and GlaxoSmithKline press releases when new drugs discovered or FDA approval Preparing internal communications - disseminating informaiton and correcting misinformation within a firm can reduce the impact of rumors and increase employee moral reductions in the labor force or mergers of firms, internal comm. can do much to dispell rumors. Counteracting negative publicity
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Chap20notes - Chapter20 Text notes 650-1 Crest Extreme =...

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