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ADV 318J Chapter 1 notes I. Scenario-> companies must use different techniques to gain consumers attention. A. They use different blend of mass media II. “smart ads”-> 3 E.G’s A. games full of ads in cyber-scenery B. grocers shopping->electronic swipe=coupons C. driving cell phones may alert of specials nearby. (e.g oil change) III. Mass media are not dead, but are being supplemented and supported by new ways to reach us IV. Companies are turning to branded entertainment, the internet, influencer marketing, and other communica- tion techniques to reach consumer and get their branded messages across. V. *No matter how much technology changes or how many new media are available for delivering messages- It’s still all about the BRAND!!! VI. advertising help us expose people to brands! A. a brand that dos no meet or needs won’t succeed. VII. What are Advertising and Integrated Brand Promotion. A. Advertisement is a business, an art form, and institution, and a cultural phenomenon. B. E.G’s 1. CEO- it’s an essential marketing tool that helps create brand awareness and loyalty 2. the creative expression of a concept 3. the way a firm uses mass media to communicate to current and potential consumers 4. a cultural artifact, text, and historical record C. Advertising is both a complex communication process and a dynamic business process. D. *ADVERTISING*- a paid, mass mediated attempt to persuade 1. Must be paid for, delivered by mass-media, and must be attempting to persuade. 2. Paid-> paid for by company or organization that wants information disseminate a) A.K.A- client or sponsor b) PSA’s are not advertisement and are excluded from definition. (1) E.G “Just say No to drugs” (2) may strongly imitate their commercial cousins but are not paid for. (a) E.G ex 1.4 and 1.5 pg 10. one is a trojan ad while another is a PSA on the importance of wearing protection. 3. Mass Media-> it is delivered through a communication medium designed to reach a mass amount of people. a) E.G Television, newspaper, radio, magazines, internet, billboards etc. etc. b) Not face-to-face manner- 4. Attempt to persuade a) ads are communication designed to get someone to do something. (1) get consumer to like brand, thus to buy it. (2) without persuasive intent the communication might be news, but not advertisement. 5. Product and service advertising both need all 3 criteria to be an ad E. Integrated Brand Promotion--->the process of using a wide range of promotional tools working together to create widespread brand exposure.
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ADV 318J Chapter 1 notes 1. IBP is a process->complicated and needs to be managed in integrated fashion. 2. IBP uses a wide range of promotional tools that have to be evaluate and scheduled. a)
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Chapter 1 notes - ADV 318J Chapter 1 notes I II III IV V VI...

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