Chapter 9 - Chapter 9 Advertising Planning An International...

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Chapter 9 -- Advertising Planning: An International Perspective (5e) 286-7 Commander Safeguard (CS) story; introduced using a 15-minute cartoon edutainment program; story- book to involve mothers;then a TV series starring CS; then art gallery on-line; sales x2 in two years.; interna- tional adv. International advertising-advertising that reaches across national and cultural boundaries Must pay attention to local cultures ! eg288 globalization box -- why does China represent an incredible challenge to U.S. marketers? Toyota’ mis- adventures in marketing a new brand in China China’s Challenge to U.S marketers: No such thing as single “China” Gargantuan nature of county 31 provinces 656 cities 48,000 districts No one chinese language Seven major tongues 80 spoken dialects North of China=frozen plateau South of China= tropical Huge income/ lifestyle difference btween citydwellers and farmers, and prosperous east and impover- ished west Unique cultural aspects Toyota launched of Prado Land Cruiser Print campaign showing Prado driving past two large stone lions, which were saluting and bowing to Prado Intended to reflect Prado’s imposing executive presence when driving in the city. Huge dilemma in meaning different things to different people !288 two paragraphs beginning with “As we said in Chapter 5” + “Ads depend on effective comm.” Culture= set of values, rituals, and behaviors that define a way of life. One of the most difficult of all communication tasks is to communicate across cultures Bc no such things as culture-free communication Advertising=cultural product: meaning nothing outside of culture Culture surrounds advertising, informs it, and gives it meaning Must understand/respect influence of culture to transport ad across cultural borders Ads depend on effective communication Effective communication depends on shared meaning Degree of shared meaning is affected by cultural membership Culture you are trying to put ad in is culture that needs to surround the created message, form its cultural context, and significantly affect how it will be interpreted 290 ethnocentrism; self-reference criterion; humor problem, e.g., in Germany, Seinfeld = bust, Apple vs. PC translation issues -- the humor got lost along the way Two related biases are primary obstacles to success when conducting marketing and advertising planning that demand a cross-cultural perspective Ethnocentrism- the tendency to view and value things from the perspective of one’s own culture Self-reference criterion (SRC)- the unconscious reference to one’s own cultural values, experiences, and knowledge as a basis for decisions “Humor Problem”- humor is very culturally bounded/used to engage audiences Germany, sex in city was popular, ironic humor of Seinfeld was lost on germans “Mac vs. PC”
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Chapter 9 - Chapter 9 Advertising Planning An International...

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