Chapter 10 - 312-13 creepy King validates innovative agency...

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312-13 creepy King validates innovative agency CP+B: gist of Burger King CP+B success story, why was the successful Xbox adver-game promo so smart? CP+B= Crispin Porter + Bogusky Burger King sales declining ( went through 4 advertising agencies in 4 years) CP+B needed to prove themselves with major mass-market client CP+B gave burger king new look. Target segment 18-35 yr old males (predominant fast food eaters) started w/ “subservient Chicken” viral, online campaign hyping new TenderCrisp chicken sandwich next “Blingo”-over the top rapper who mocked diet-crazed consumers and pushed Angus steak burger Resurrected The King with a new strange persona: creepy CP+B used offbeat and out-of-the-box characters, and within 3 years of working with Burger King, Burger King was celebrating 12 cons. quarters with revenue growth XBOX adver-game promo was smart because it worked. Target segment spent more time playing video games then watching Tv. 312 Ex. 10.1 -- what is the King’s dominant characteristic? creepy charm 313 ethics box -- CP+B recipe for hoopla: of seven principles key on two: invention and mischief (these two principles are illustrated in class with the “Subservient Chicken” website, just for fun check it out at ) Invention: Consumers constantly crave things that are new and different at heart of hoopla CP+B likes to portray itself as an idea factory: constantly in business of inventing new ideas Fast Company (business publication)-described CP+B as agency where “ideas are an almost unhealthy obsession” best way to get started in finding new ideas= “Do the opposite of what everybody else does” -Bogusky Mischief: “Celebrate the troublemaker and pay attention to the rebel” Tricks, pranks, and playfully naughty behavior keep people interested and potentially more engaged with the ultimate message can backfire and alienate audience if you push it too far Make a lot of people nervous. Make a lot of columnists write stories about you giving free exposure. While communicating “on the edge” takes a delicate balance, at CP+B the default setting appears to be-make more mischief 314 creative people are risk takers; ad clutter requires creative ads to breakthrough; “for starters we need to get the consumer’s attention and be _____;” Ex. 10.2 illustrates that creativity with no recall of the brand fails (in class jhm sez “it is not creative unless it sells”) Why do Advertiser’s need Creativity? Creativity=secret ingredient to advertising creative people are risk takers AD clutter means you need to find a way to stand out from crowd=require good creative ads they break through the clutter and get remembered “For starters we need to get the consumer’s attention and be memorable .” Ex.10.2 Cartoon where girl says she saw great ad, advertising company did wonderful job, but could not remember brand name, thus showing creativity but no recall\
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Chapter 10 - 312-13 creepy King validates innovative agency...

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