Chapter 12 - Chapter 12 Copywriting(5e 376 the creative...

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Chapter 12 -- Copywriting (5e) 376 the creative team in an ad agency consists of an art director and copywriter as partners Creative Team - consist of copywriters and art directors functioning as partners responsible for coming up with creative concept and guiding execution Creative Concept - thought of as the unique creative thought behind a campaign, is then turned into individual advertisements during process- copywriters often suggest idea for magnificent, arresting visuals Art Directors- responsible for visual elements come up with killer headlines they are not one in the same !377 globalization box -- Am. mgt. philosophy KISS has relevance for global adv.; 4 lifestyle products that translate well across cultures; 4 constants of successful global advertising (SCHC) KISS - “Keep It Simple Stupid” american management philosophy has place in global advertising Winning global campaigns are simple in terms of message theme and visual structure 4 Lifestyle products that translate well across cultures Soft Drinks Jeans Sneakers Candy Nike, Pepsi, Levi’s speak to world and each has been subject of memorable, award- winning campaigns campaigns that work best on Global scale= brand and imagery are inextricably one and the same 4 Constants of successful global advertising Simplicity Clarity Humor Clever demonstration key is to find not the culturally bound humor in a demonstration, but the culturally shared humor! in terms of copy, simplicity and clarity rule reducing brand and message to the simplest and most common human values has great chance of succeeding 378-81 copywriting and the creative plan: para. 1, 3, and 4 in this section Copywriting process of expressing value and benefits a brand has to offer, via written or verbal de- scriptions never-ending search for ideas combines with never-ending search for new and different ways to express those ideas. requires more than ability to string product descriptions together in coherent sentences effective copywriter are well-informed, astute advertising decision makers with creative talent
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Chapter 12 -- Copywriting (5e) able to comprehend and then incorporate complexities of marketing strategies, con- sumer behavior, and advertising strategies into brief, powerful communication do so in way that copy doesn’t interfere with but rather enhances visual aspects of message. astute advertiser will go great length to provide copywriters with much information as possible about objectives for particular advertising effort. client marketing managers in conjunction w/ account executives and creative directors are re- sponsible for keeping copywriters informed must communicate foundations and intricacies of firm’s marketing strategies to copywriters without info, copywriters are left without guidance and direction and must rely on intuition about sorts of info are relevant and meaningful to target audience
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Chapter 12 - Chapter 12 Copywriting(5e 376 the creative...

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