Chapter 16 - Chapter 16 - Media Planning: Advertising and...

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Chapter 16 -- Media Planning: Advertising and IBP on the Internet (5e) 524 intro scenario: AXE Axe’s global ad message in 75 countries keyed on videos of all female band singing BomChickaWahWah, launched in to Web 2.0 world of social networks to be “voluntarily” viewed by Web generation on you-, etc. to increase power of message When message shows up on social networking site, it seems to be more part of “life” and less like big cor- porate, commercial-speak Goal=make phrase stick in mind of millions of young guys (see for current variation) 525 web advertising has finally become a powerful ad option with paid search leading the way; wireless is the key driving the future; 3 innovative technologies: WiMax (25-30 mile hot spot) -used in place of cable or DSL to deliver “last mile” of wireless broadband to customer, won’t replace DS: and cable modems in urban areas but ideally suited to rural areas Mobile-fi - like WiMax be has multi-mile access but add capability of accessing Net while user is moving in a car or train Ultrabroadband - allow ppl to move extremely large files quickly over short distance, E.G’s driver on road download large file from PC to handheld comp, or at home wireless upload of favorite concert from PC to your TV ctp526 globalization box -- as described in this box, will the advent of wide-spread WiMax Internet access be a huge force pushing Russian society toward democracy? Why or why not? Yes, with more independency pushed towards the people, education is inevitable and body of russia will see mor on how they need to have a government led by people 526 what are Pepsi and BMW cited as examples of? 2 truths about the Internet Examples of firms that have been successful in folding Internet into their integrate brand promotion strategies, they funnel lots of info and promotion through their web sites 2 truths about Internet Internet will not be replacing all forms of advertising Yes, things are changing dramatically regarding all aspects of the Internet !527 first paragraph of the (R)evolution of the Internet section Technology if not changes everything has the power and potential to change everything Internet (communications technology) can change something very fundamental about human existence Internet-connected consumers=connected to other consumers in real time Connection= community, empowerment, liberation 527 percentage growth of Internet ad revenues 2005 to 2011? (difference divided by 2005 base) Advertising spending on INternet was estimated at about $12 billion in 2005 and estimated to grow to over $36 billion by 2011 Percentage of growth= 2% 528 Ex. 16.3 -- what country has the highest penetration of Internet usage? world-wide percentage? (remember the self-reference criterion in chapter 9 --be happy, you are really different from most people on our little plan- et) United States= 203.44 million people online
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Chapter 16 - Chapter 16 - Media Planning: Advertising and...

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